COVID-19 - Staying Safe & Prayerful

Posted Mar 23, 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters,

On Wednesday, March 18th the Zambian Ministry of Health confirmed 2 COVID-19 cases in the country. In efforts to combat the spread of the virus, the government has implemented preventative measures such as the immediate closure of all schools. These measures will have an impact on Mercy Touch operations, as the children will need to remain home.

We are mobilizing the mothers and staff to educate the children on how to avoid of the transmission of COVID-19. The feeding programme will no longer hold large gatherings for feedings. Rather, the caregivers will be given more soya supplements to take home. We will continue to conduct community outreach with pre-cautions in place.

The economy has been significantly impacted, and we remain hopeful that we will manage to sustain the programmes through this challenging time. All plans for child intake are put on hold until the situation stabilizes.

We are in solidarity with all of our supporters around the world who have been affected in any way by the spread of COVID-19 and remain prayerful that circumstances for all will improve.

Many of you know, one of our children Chimwemwe, has been studying abroad in China for over a year now. He would like to share his experience living through the peak of COVID-19 in China. Here are words from Chimwemwe:


I Initially heard about COVID-19 in January 2019 through rumors, and later on through the news. The government immediately enforced a lockdown, including the closure of all schools.

I was scared and worried about my own health, especially because I am so far from home. Overtime, I adjusted to the new way of living. It was stressful to monitor ourselves and others for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. There was a lot of sadness, confusion and anxiety.

They gave us a week to gather food and essentials before the school lockdown. I had to buy liquid hand wash, hand sanitizer, and the school provided me with a face mask. I washed my hands regularly and ate healthier to keep my immunity strong. Physically, I would exercise in my room by doing push ups. I also got lots of sleep. Mentally, I would text and call my family and friends and watch movies. Spiritually, I would read the Bible and listen to gospel music. My advice to people who are living in countries that are affected by COVID-19, is to stay indoors, clean thoroughly, buy disinfectant, wear masks when sick, and eat healthy food to boost their immune system. When they need to buy food, only one member of the family who’s cautious enough should buy food and clean water.

Faith and prayer kept me going and comforted me daily. I saw life from a different perspective and I had hope for survival.


We hope that Chimwemwe’s story is an encouragement to you. We stand together with all of our partners and supporters during this challenging time.

In Solidarity,

Mercy Touch

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