Empowerment & Sustainability

Posted Apr 17, 2019

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We are grateful for a productive first quarter of 2019. It has been a whirlwind of activities and projects on the ground but we have been faring well.

There have been several success stories from women in the community that have received micro-loans and started successful businesses. Their stories are being shared in a series on our Facebook page and on our website! It is encouraging to see them doing well and managing to take care of their children’s basic needs while paying back their loans.

Mercy Touch is navigating guiding the older children who are transitioning from our care because they have finished grade 12 and require some skills to be able to make it in a challenging world. Not everyone gets to go to college or university. Some success stories are beginning to emerge.

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Our graduate Mailess at the salon she works at.

Mailess was raised in one of our homes and is one of our grade 12 graduate children. We are so happy that she recently managed to find a job managing a local beauty salon in town. It is very challenging for young people to get jobs in Zambia and we are grateful that she did. She has a dream of opening her own salon one day. For now, she will gain the experience and continue to develop her skills. Hopefully her dream will one day come true - perhaps through our business entrepreneurship program!

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Eva with a dress she made.

Eva went to a special skills school in tailoring and graduated with great results. We have helped her to start a business where she sells the items that she makes. She hopes to one day open her own tailoring shop.

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Tresford and his wife with some of the Mercy Touch family.

We were so happy to witness the wedding of our eldest child Tresford. The Mercy Touch family was blessed to see this union, and the mother that raised him was overwhelmed with joy to see the man that he has become and the fruits of her labour!

Mercy Touch had a great time celebrating Women’s Day with the women from the feeding program. They marched, danced, sang and shared words of encouragement with each other!

Another exciting development is that members of the surrounding community around the Mercy Touch area started a really great initiative on their own. They decided to pool money together every month to help each other out when there are unexpected bereavements or sicknesses in their community. Mercy Touch decided to name this initiative: “Twafwane” – which means: “Let’s help each other” in a local Zambian language, bemba. We have decided to take this initiative under our wing as a ministry and hope to help it expand and remain as sustainable as possible!

Currently, we are looking forward to hosting the annual April mission team from Canada who work with us to do some projects and also spend time with the staff and children.

Our hope right now is to renovate property in the city for us to house and expand our skills training program. There will be two houses for this. One for young women and the other for young men.

Thank you so much for your continued support!


Mercy Touch

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