Teamwork & Perseverance!

Posted Oct 24, 2018


Mercy Touch Zambia hosts teams from different places, who come to serve as volunteers in the homes and the community.

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Team from England.

In March, we hosted a team from England comprised of four people. The team participated in the feeding program as well as bonded with the children and mothers from the homes. The Mercy Touch family had a wonderful time at chapel with the team where they shared their stories and experiences, as well as their gratitude for the hospitality they received during their time at Mercy Touch.

In April, we hosted a team from Alberta, Canada. Their main project was to paint, renovate and furnish the homes of Mercy Touch employees on the farm. This was a special project because the Mercy Touch staff work above and beyond to ensure that Mercy Touch operates smoothly on a daily basis. Most of the staff also have many children in their care and it was nice to bless them. As usual, the team also bonded with the children, volunteers and housemothers. Gifts from sponsors were distributed to the Mercy Touch family and received with great gratitude. There was also a small gathering held with the girls from the Girl Mentoring Program, where they received words of encouragement.

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Painting the Mercy Touch staff houses

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The team from Alberta with the Mercy Touch family

In July a team of 4 from the Netherlands visited Mercy Touch. They were very helpful in organizing games and activities for the children and bonding with the staff. We were so happy to host them!

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Jesper from the Netherlands playing sports with the children.

In August we had a team from Church on Oxford Hill in White Rock B.C. They spoke in chapel, in the homes and they spent time with the children and mothers. They also served with the feeding program team.

Great Fundraising Ventures

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We are so proud of and grateful to the grade 5 class of Cloverdale Christian School for hosting a hot lunch that raised $406 dollars to donate to Mercy Touch Mission International in June! Thank you for your support. Their school further donated money that was collected as offering during their chapel times.

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Back in May, our Mercy Touch Ambassadors from Edmonton Alberta, put the word out that they were collecting a whole list of items to send to Zambia in a sea container. They managed to collect an immense amount of donations and will be sending out the container. Thank you to all those that donated. As usual, your donations go a long way!

Daily Operations


Early September one of our children, Chimwemwe, left for China to continue his studies in Mechanical Engineering. He had graduated with a diploma from a college in Zambia and will be completing his degree in China. He is the first of our children to study abroad. It is bittersweet for all for us but we are excited to see where this new venture takes him!

In June, a few of our staff members attended a 12 Step Expressive Arts Workshop training program that focused on alcohol and drug addiction as well as trauma. Such training programs are helpful for our ministry to reach those in the community that struggle with these issues.

In Zambia we have two older children in university. Bruce who is studying Mechanical Engineering at Mulungushi University and Wilson who is studying Law at Lusaka University.

All of the children in the homes are enrolled in school. Those who graduated grade 12 are working, looking for work or waiting to get into college.

Take time to browse the changes on the website and watch the new videos posted!

With Gratitude,

Mercy Touch

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