Words from Naomi

Posted April 2017

Capturing some images of the ministry.

Naomi is a student intern from the UK that interned with Mercy Touch in the area of Digital Media. We were happy to have her. Here are a few words about her general experience:

My time at Mercy Touch has been incredible; I couldn’t have picked a better home. The children and mothers welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. Living within the farm has been a different way of life from the city in the UK. I learnt more about the influence that God and Mercy Touch has had on the kids. I also learnt the importance of being a family and spending quality time.

Being surrounded by a Christian environment has opened my eyes spiritually. My knowledge of Zambia has changed, and my photographic eyes have expanded and developed. The Mercy Touch feeding program has been so uplifting, and I am forever grateful to have worked within the community. Seeing the young girls and mothers talk about their story has really opened my eyes to the reality of hope, faith and love. 

Overall, this experience has ignited a bigger flame to work as a Missionary and documentary photographer within Africa. If I could change one thing, I would change time so that I could have this amazing experience all over again. 


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