Starting Off 2016!

Posted March 2016

The children posing after school!

Selling the Mercy Touch bananas to a community member.

Our youngest, Faides doing homework and reading.

Katelyn Duncan with two girls from the Girl Project.

The beginning of the year is always very busy at Mercy Touch because it marks a time when all of the children go back to school. This January we had all of our children progressing into new grades, some even transferring schools. In Zambia, students enrolled in grade seven, nine, and twelve are required to write critical exams which determine whether they will move onto the next grade or graduate from high school. We are proud to say that through hard work and determination, our children pass their examinations. Our after-school program facilitated by the childcare department continues to operate daily. During this program the children receive tutoring, partake in cultural activities, and play sports to keep active.

Since the rainy season began in November 2015, the farmers planted maize and soya beans. They also purchased more chickens to contribute to the homes as well as the micro-financing program for women in the surrounding community. The Mercy Touch mission team that came in April, 2015 constructed a piggery. We have managed to purchase pigs for the piggery and they are fairing quite well. These pigs will be contributed to the homes as well as sold, in order to help encourage self-sufficiency for the homes.

The weekly chapel for Mercy Touch staff, volunteers, and children continues to run every Thursday on the farm. This chapel has proved to be very beneficial in establishing unity and spiritual uplifting for all those that attend. At times we invite local pastors from different churches to share a word of encouragement at chapel. Furthermore, the weekly feeding program, monthly outreach clinic, and the Girl Project continue to operate regularly.

Preparations are underway for the April 2016 mission team that will be coming to work on various projects in Zambia. The major project will consist of building a play structure on the Mercy Touch grounds while other projects will include distribution of clothing, teaching sewing skills, landscaping, setting up a library and so much more. All these have been made possible by donations of needed items and equipment. We are very grateful to God for his provisions, and to the Mercy Touch Goodwill Ambassadors who have worked tirelessly to make it all possible!

During the month of January and February we received a volunteer by the name of Katelyn Duncan from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She volunteered on the ground in Zambia with Mercy Touch in the farming department. Katelyn has a BSA in Agriculture and she is a Professional Agrologist. We were glad to have her join us on the ground. Read her blog on the Mercy Touch website to learn more about her experience volunteering with Mercy Touch! 

End of January 2016, we were able to represent Mercy Touch at the annual Missions Fest conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This conference provides us with an opportunity to network with other organizations as well as raise awareness for the ministry. Our involvement in the conference was a success and we are thankful to all of the supporters and volunteers who helped make it possible.

As Mercy Touch continues to grow and expand, we ask for your prayers in the area of gathering and managing resources to help make our daily operations possible. Please pray for all of the staff on the ground: Farmers, housemothers, childcare workers, and even the volunteers who sacrifice so much for the mission.

We are grateful to all our supporters. Your prayers, donations, and even your time is much appreciated and never taken for granted. May God continue to bless Mercy Touch and all those who support the cause.

Stay posted on the website and the Mercy Touch Mission International Facebook page for regular updates! 

Here is the direct link to Katelyn Duncan's blog post:


Mercy Touch Mission International

The children playing after school.

Rhoda doing homework.

Edison says "Hi!"

The seacan has finally arrived in Zambia! It contains a play structure and other donations for the children and the surrounding community!

Corn grown on the Mercy Touch farm.

Farm crops - Corn maize.