Meet the Children


Patricia Mulenga

Patricia is a total orphan. She joined the Mercy Touch home on the 16th of October, 2003. Patricia lived with her great grandparents. We were informed about Patricia through social welfare. Her great grandfather had been trying to find a home for her and her cousin Wilson, as they were struggling to keep the children. They were growing old and their situation was getting worse. They depended mainly on donations to help them keep the children. Patricia is now graduated. She loves to draw beautiful butterflies and flowers, listening to music, having fun with friends, dancing, and taking walks. She wants to study art and fashion design. She loves fashion and will have fun doing it. Patricia thanks God for Mercy Touch because she now has a very big family.

Birthday Dec 27, 1993
Post-Secondary Graduated
Favourite subjects -
Hobbies Drawing
Career Choice Art & Fashion Design
Wilson Mpenzhi

Wilson is a total orphan and was living with his great grandfather and great grandmother. We were told about Wilson through social welfare. His great grandfather had been trying to find a home for him and his cousin Patricia, as they were struggling to keep the children and knew that they were only growing old and their situation was getting worse. Wilson loves trying out new things. He likes listening to music and dancing for fun.

Home Garment of Praise Children’s Home
Birthday Mar 02, 1994
Status Placed
Favourite subjects English
Hobbies -
Favourite colours Purple
Ambition Pilot
Elvis Kangwa

Elvis Kangwa came into the Mercy Touch home on 5 December, 2002. We found him through the social welfare officer. He was staying with his mother and step father in an unfinished house. It was just the frame of a potential house with no windows, doors, or roof. They did not know the owner of the house, so they were just squatting there. Elvis likes listening to music. He can sing and also play the guitar and flute. When he grows older he wants to study business administration and also be actively involved in mission work. He loves to lead in songs of praise and worship.

Birthday Jun 02, 1991
Post-Secondary Graduated
Favourite subjects English
Hobbies Singing & Guitar
Career Choice Missionary

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