Human Resources


Bernard Mukwavi

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Bernard Mukwavi and his wife Anne founded Mercy Touch Mission International in 2001. They are currently serving in full time ministry and work in Canada. Anne and Bernard were born and raised in Zambia. With their family they left Zambia, worked in Holland, and eventually came to Canada. It was after a visit back to their homeland that Bernard and Anne realized how bad circumstances had become with the onset of HIV/AIDS, disease, and immense poverty. They saw a huge problem with the growing numbers of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Bernard and Anne decided to do something to help these children. They went out and got donations, used what little money they had, rented a house, and took in some orphans. They started with 4 children, and today Mercy Touch has over 30 children sponsored within the homes; and by God's provision the number is increasing. Mercy Touch also sponsors children within the community and runs other programs mentioned on the website as well. 


Nataizya Mukwavi

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

​Nataizya Mukwavi has had a lot of experience working with Mercy Touch in a variety of areas. Her passion for women and young girls led her to launch our current Girl Project. This project helps us sponsor marginalized young women in the surrounding rural community to go to school. On top of that, Nataizya has served in Mercy Touch by helping at the feeding program, ministering to women and youth, and also with various administration tasks. She has served in different capacities past and present. Currently Nataizya is volunteering as the child sponsorship coordinator for Mercy Touch.