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Producing Long-Term ResultsAugust 28, 2017— What an eventful year it has been so far! From mission teams, to volunteers, to several special events. We are… Read more

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From Germany to ZambiaJune 05, 2017— In September 2016, we welcomed an intern from Germany named Sara. She came across our website and inquired about interning… Read more

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Mercy Touch Children’s Homes

Homes for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Mercy Touch establishes homes for children who are orphaned. In the homes they benefit from a loving family atmosphere and receive spiritual guidance. The homes provide food, clothing, education, health care, and life-skills development for the children. Each home is staffed with two live-in housemothers.

At the moment three homes are established and fully functioning, including: Oil of Joy (girls' home) and Garment of Praise (boys' home). Another home that opened in May, 2013 is fully functioning as well. One more house has recently completed which will create space for even more children. In total, we currently have 34 children sponsored within the homes.

Original children from the first Mercy Touch homes. They are grown now!

Newest Girls' Home

Our newest functioning home houses orphaned girls from rural areas that were identified as being very vulnerable to malnourishment, abuse, and lack of education. MercyTouch staff dentified these girls with the approval of social welfare. They have adjusted well to their new home environment and have been enrolled in school. The girls that are too young to enter the school system are currently homeschooled until other arrangements are made. This brand new house located on the farm is spacious and designed in a way that is comfortable for all. There is enough open space for the girls to play in the house and yard.

Oil of Joy

The Oil of Joy house is the house that has been utilized by Mercy Touch the longest. It currently houses our older girls. It is just the right size, as it is cozy for all those that occupy the home. It is surrounded by a large and beautiful yard. In the yard is a garden for growing vegetables. The garden is maintained on a daily basis by the gardener. It is landscaped with beautiful flowers, and it contains a mango tree as well as an avocado tree. In the yard is also a small guest wing by the name of Simon House. This house has been a great asset to Mercy Touch. This children's home is conveniently located as it not too far from town. There is also a market very nearby. The girls in this home commute to their respective school by either walking or taking public transportation, depending on which school they attend. School transport is monitored by the child care workers.

Garment of Praise

Garment of Praise is the current functioning boys’ home. This house is located on the Mercy Touch farm. It is just the right size to accommodate the boys, the housemother, and the assistant housemother. Just ike the other homes there is a garden for growing vegetables. Since this house is on the farm there is also easy access to the farm produce as well. Some of the boys walk to a school nearby that is located on a nearby farm plot. The other boys either attend boarding school or commute to their respective school by way of Mercy Touch transportation.


Producing Long-Term Results

August 2017

Community visits with the team.

Children from the community

Working on the team project with the children

In April 2017 we hosted a team from Canada. Their main project was to renovate the homes of the farmers that live on the property. This was a blessing to the farmers because they have families with small children. We appreciate them for working above and beyond to make sure we are yielding produce as we should, and were happy to bless them with the help of our supporters.

The team also visited a rural community where many young children and caregivers reside, and gave them gifts and encouragement. They took some time to do community visits within the areas surrounding the Mercy Touch property as well, where they participated in handing out microloans to women as a way of empowering them. Aside from these activities, the team spent time with the staff, volunteers, and children of Mercy Touch and blessed them through interacting and bonding with them.

Our most recent intern, Naomi Hunter from the UK had a wonderful experience serving with the ministry. With her enrolment in a Digital Media degree program, she has gifted the ministry with a special project that creatively portrays the work of Mercy Touch and the lives of many individuals in Ndola, Zambia. Naomi’s project has since been published and will soon be distributed. She was greatly inspired and overwhelmed by the works of Mercy Touch. A blog written by Naomi about her experience can be found on the website.

In June we also had the privilege of hosting Kris Depowski, a Journalist from Buffalo, NY, USA. Her main objective was to create content to make a documentary on Mercy Touch that can be showcased in order to inform people all over the world and raise awareness about the ministry. She hopes to return to Mercy Touch one day to do some voluntary work and spend more time with the children. Stay posted on our website and social media pages for the soon-to-be-released documentary!

In September of 2017 we will be welcoming another volunteer by the name of Kimberleigh from British Columbia, Canada. She will serve with the ministry for 6 months. Kimberleigh will be working primarily with the children in the homes to contribute to their development, as well as minister to the children and youth supported by Mercy Touch.

In June, Mercy Touch hosted a concert event in Zambia to encourage the younger generation not to lose hope, but to remain focused on Christ and God’s calling on their lives. Several well-known worship bands led the congregation in worship, and words of encouragement were shared by Dr. Bernard Mukwavi. The night was a success and a blessing to all!

All programs and projects are running as usual. The children remain enrolled in their respective schools. We continue to encourage and fund business ventures that will help graduated children gain independence. A few of our graduate children have already launched small businesses with the help of our supporters. We remain hopeful that this new initiative will produce long-term results. Our pressing prayer is that God will provide us with the right human resources to help keep our ministry expanding as well as operating at a standard that will yield successful outcomes.

As the year is moving by quickly, we remain focused on God’s direction for the future. We have been blessed to have so much support for the ministry. 

Thank you for your prayers, donations and continuous encouragement. Please remain updated on our website and social media accounts for more updates.


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Mercy Touch

Community visits with the team.