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A Flourishing YearDecember 28, 2017— 2017: A flourishing year full of new activities and developments! Read more

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From Germany to ZambiaJune 05, 2017— In September 2016, we welcomed an intern from Germany named Sara. She came across our website and inquired about interning… Read more

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Mercy Touch Children’s Homes

Homes for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Mercy Touch establishes homes for children who are orphaned. In the homes they benefit from a loving family atmosphere and receive spiritual guidance. The homes provide food, clothing, education, health care, and life-skills development for the children. Each home is staffed with two live-in housemothers.

At the moment three homes are established and fully functioning, including: Oil of Joy (girls' home) and Garment of Praise (boys' home). Another home that opened in May, 2013 is fully functioning as well. One more house has recently completed which will create space for even more children. In total, we currently have 34 children sponsored within the homes.

Original children from the first Mercy Touch homes. They are grown now!

Newest Girls' Home

Our newest functioning home houses orphaned girls from rural areas that were identified as being very vulnerable to malnourishment, abuse, and lack of education. MercyTouch staff dentified these girls with the approval of social welfare. They have adjusted well to their new home environment and have been enrolled in school. The girls that are too young to enter the school system are currently homeschooled until other arrangements are made. This brand new house located on the farm is spacious and designed in a way that is comfortable for all. There is enough open space for the girls to play in the house and yard.

Oil of Joy

The Oil of Joy house is the house that has been utilized by Mercy Touch the longest. It currently houses our older girls. It is just the right size, as it is cozy for all those that occupy the home. It is surrounded by a large and beautiful yard. In the yard is a garden for growing vegetables. The garden is maintained on a daily basis by the gardener. It is landscaped with beautiful flowers, and it contains a mango tree as well as an avocado tree. In the yard is also a small guest wing by the name of Simon House. This house has been a great asset to Mercy Touch. This children's home is conveniently located as it not too far from town. There is also a market very nearby. The girls in this home commute to their respective school by either walking or taking public transportation, depending on which school they attend. School transport is monitored by the child care workers.

Garment of Praise

Garment of Praise is the current functioning boys’ home. This house is located on the Mercy Touch farm. It is just the right size to accommodate the boys, the housemother, and the assistant housemother. Just ike the other homes there is a garden for growing vegetables. Since this house is on the farm there is also easy access to the farm produce as well. Some of the boys walk to a school nearby that is located on a nearby farm plot. The other boys either attend boarding school or commute to their respective school by way of Mercy Touch transportation.


A Flourishing Year

December 2017

Off to school

Congrats, Martha!

Reaching Out & Giving Back

In 2017 we focused a lot on community outreach. Our community outreach team goes out into poor communities at least twice a month to provide counselling, distribute donations, and show their support to vulnerable children and families. This program has proved to be very beneficial to those in need. We also encourage the children in our homes to be involved in order to understand the importance of giving back to those that are less fortunate. Additionally, it is through some of these outreach visits that we identify children in critical need of intervention and support.


One of the most exciting highlights of 2017 was the intake of three new boys: Patrick, Marvin and Francis. These three boys joined the family in November 2017 and have since been transitioning well. We are very glad to have them with us!

New Developments

On top of developing our Mercy Touch Business Enterprises, we are in the process of establishing the "Sandra Butters Taizya Christian Academy". This development is still in its early stages and we will keep you updated on further developments!

Congrats To Our Graduates

Each year-end marks the end of the high school journey for some of our children. We would like to highlight specifically the graduation of Martha who has been a part of our Mercy Touch Girl Project since it was launched. Martha completed school with outstanding results and has the goal of becoming a Medical Doctor. She has overcome many challenges over the years and is therefore very proud of her significant accomplishment. Martha always expresses her deep gratitude for the encouragement and support that Mercy Touch has given her. She could not have done it if it weren’t for the help of our Mercy Touch donors and supporters. Thank you on behalf of Martha!

Christmas At Mercy Touch

Christmas is so much fun at Mercy Touch. We have family time, fellowship, dancing, and also give back to other communities or organizations that could use the extra support during the season. During the feeding program we throw a party for the community children and their caregivers so they can enjoy Christmas too!

Thank You & Happy New Year!

In following our newsletters and updates, you can see that 2017 has been a year full of activities and new developments. We are grateful for all your support and encouragement. As usual, we request that you join us in praying for all the hardworking staff and volunteers that make this ministry possible. Please pray for continued support and wisdom as we expand our ministry. From all of us at Mercy Touch, we wish you a Prosperous New Year!

Mercy Touch

Community Outreach

Community children receiving donated toys from Mercy Touch

Christmas fun!