How the Girl Project Helped Me

Posted Dec 14, 2017
by Martha Phiri

Editor's Note: Aside from sponsoring the children in our homes, we run a Girl Project where we sponsor disadvantaged girls to get an education. We also mentor them and teach them various life skills. Without this opportunity, many of these youth girls end up abused, pregnant, or get married at a very young age. We are very proud of our girls! Here is a blog written by one of the girls enrolled in the Girl Project. In her blog she shares her personal experience before and after the intervention of Mercy Touch. 

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Girl Project Group  Jean

Girls posing with the Mercy Touch Child Care Manager, Jean.

The crucial period of grade seven examinations came. It was very sudden that I discovered I had a disease known as the measles. My parents were so worried because it was during the week of examinations and I was unable to study. I still had faith in myself that I would pass with flying colours. When the results were out, I went there immediately. As I entered the office, the head of the school gave me a smile because she knew that I had passed. I scored the highest of all the girls, and only four boys were ahead of me. I got 759 points, which is very high in Zambian results. It made me feel so good. The head teacher directed me on where to go and collect the acceptance letter. This is when the feeling of worry came over me. I became worried because I knew that my parents couldn’t afford to support me to progress any further.

Luckily enough, one woman from a group of community workers told my mom that at Mercy Touch, they were supporting girls to get educated. They knew that when you educate a girl you educate the nation. It was on a Friday when my mom and I went to Mercy Touch, where we were well received by the housemother Mama Regina. She asked us what we needed. My mom explained. Mama Regina then explained what the Girl Project was all about. I managed to enter the program ran by Mercy Touch. When I showed them my results, they were proud of me and even encouraged me to study extra hard.

Young Women In Line

Disadvantaged young girls are helped through the Girl Project and taught life skills.

I started my grade eight with great enthusiasm because I had gone through a lot of prior hardship. Mercy Touch provided me with the things that were required in school. I was on the safe side now because I finally had no problems meeting my school needs. In 2014 I went to grade nine. I became even more serious with schoolwork because I knew that if I didn’t make it to grade ten no one would be able to support me. The same year in August, Mercy Touch held a camp meeting where the girls from the Girl Project were invited. The camp was really helpful and life changing. I learned a lot of things and had good interactions with the other people. One day before camp was dismissed, we had a day for presentations. I was given a present for the first time in my life for working hard in school. I was very happy. After camp ended, we went back home. A week later, schools were opened. That was third term. I strove so hard in order to rise and shine.

The time for the examinations came. I was sure that I would make it to grade ten. When I got my results I found that I had scored exceptionally high again. I had the option of attending two of the best schools in the area. When I decided on a school, I collected my acceptance letter and took it to Mercy Touch. They were ready to help me without wasting time. They bought everything that was needed for me to do well. I was given a very nice bag as a present from Mercy Touch. My life was really touched and I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Here I am today in grade 12. Being in grade twelve also makes me feel so proud of myself. It reminds me to study hard and remain focused in my academic life, socially and spiritually. I study hard just to ensure that I have good results. What I do right now will determine the future. I always wish to have a bright future, which is in line with studying hard and being focused. Nothing can come out of laziness. There is no sweet without sweat.

Here I am today as a living testimony. Without Mercy Touch, I wouldn’t have come this far. I would also like to give a word of advice to my fellow girls: No matter how hard the situation may be, never lose hope. There is always someone behind you, and this is God. He has good plans for you. Just trust in God and also in yourself. God will make a way where there seems to be no way.

Lastly, I would like to thank our savior for the blessing he has shown. May the Lord almighty continue to live in you, the Mercy Touch people, so that you can help me and many others fulfill our goals. My dream of becoming a doctor should be fulfilled. Becoming a doctor has been my long life dream. I believe that with Mercy Touch, my dreams will be accomplished. I have always wanted to become a doctor or just someone very influential in life. May the Lord almighty grant my wish.

Martha Phiri

The Girl Project

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