From Germany to Zambia

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Posted Jun 5, 2017
by Sara von der Heyden
Mercy Touch Intern

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Editor's Note: In September 2016, we welcomed an intern from Germany named Sara. She came across our website and inquired about interning with us. She was in Zambia serving with Mercy Touch for three months working on the farm, as well as with the children. Sara used Mercy Touch as a way to further and enrich her studies as she completed her research project on alternative farming techniques. She had a great experience and we were happy to have her. Here is Sara's story.

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In the end of September, I had a warm welcome and got introduced to everyone in the homes and on the farm, as well as an overview of the work I was going to do. Most of the time my days looked like this: start work on the farm from 7:00am to 12:30pm, have lunch, clean the house and rest. In the afternoon when the kids came home from school we would play, read or just chat.

My work on the farm included: preparing the maize field, cleaning the piggery, weeding the banana field and the vegetables, watering the vegetables in the dry season, and more interesting tasks. I have learned so many things about crop and meat production in Zambia.

On some Fridays I helped at the feeding program by carrying utensils and packing the soya flour. On Saturdays, I had the chance to get to know some of the girls from the Girl Project and work with them, which was a very interesting experience for me.

When asked about the highlight of my time with Mercy Touch, I thought about it for so long. There are so many highlights during my time serving with Mercy Touch—like all the times I went to the playground with the kids, and when I went out with the farmers to visit other farms and learn a lot. I also loved all the interesting, funny and informative discussions I had with the Mercy Touch staff.

Another highlight was the times when others came to visit or volunteer with the mission. It was always an exciting and heartwarming time for me! I especially enjoyed spending Christmas at Mercy Touch and learning how Zambians celebrate Christmas. This was a great experience for me that I’m glad I didn’t miss.

In the three months there I learned so many things—including the ways of farming, and understanding the life of Zambians. The experience also deepened my faith and strength. I learned a lot about the hard working and pious people of Zambia.

I want to thank every single person I had the pleasure of meeting. These include the lovely and hardworking housemothers, office staff; the diligent and energetic farm workers, and other volunteers who help Mercy Touch remain a wonderful and powerful organization that support so many people in need. Mercy Touch gives orphaned children such a great backing so they can evolve into loving adults with a good education.

Lastly, I want to thank the children who would brighten up my stay in Zambia so much with their curious questions, their countless stories, their games, and the love they gave me. Everything about my experience proved to me how great God is for showing me the way to Mercy Touch and how thankful I am that He led me to all those trustworthy and heartwarming people.

I miss everyone a lot and I can’t wait to see them again!


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