What It Means to be a Housemother

Mama Regina

Posted Oct 28, 2016
by Mama Regina Miti
Mercy Touch Housemother

Housemother 1

Mama Regina Miti with a baby from the community during outreach.

Editor's Note: Housemothers are such an integral part of what we do as a ministry. From raising the children, to being heavily involved in community outreach programs, they work tirelessly to help accomplish the mission of the ministry. Here, Mama Regina, our longest serving housemother shares some of her experiences serving with the ministry.

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I am Regina Miti and I have been with Mercy Touch for fifteen years from time of its inception.

Fruits and Blessings of Being a Housemother

Working as a housemother has been fruitful. The children become a part of you. You become a family spiritually and physically. You enjoy being with them, and when they go away (like on holidays) you miss them because you get attached to them. Recently one of our older boys left for university and it feels very different without him around because he has always been at home with me.

As a housemother you teach children the ways of the Lord, life, being prayerful, living with people, how to be good to their friends in school, and how to be a source of encouragement to people that are sad.

By serving with Mercy Touch wholeheartedly, I have seen the hand of God upon my life and my biological children. By God’s grace, each of my three children are done with their education. Two are married and working, and one is working and pursuing her Master’s degree all by the grace of God. I wouldn’t have done it on my own.

I am very passionate about helping people, which includes the aged as well.

Housemother 5

Three of our housemothers; Mama Lydia, Mama Grace and Mama Rose.


When children grow up they want to know about their parents, their families, and their roots.

When they become teenagers they want to do their own things and be in control. I usually sit them down and teach them the facts about life. We even pray together and ask for God’s help. Usually after praying, they realize it’s all by God’s mercy that they are in the Mercy Touch home.

Significant Stories of Children

When one of our older boys came into the Mercy Touch home, he had sores all over his body. No one thought they would heal, but he was miraculously healed completely. He is a good boy and very helpful when he is home. I miss him when he is away. I really thank God for his life. When he completed high school, a boy from the community came up to him. The boy was in need of a uniform because his parents did not have money to buy one for him. Our boy then gave him his old uniforms that he had used when he was at school because the boy was attending his former high school.

When another one of our boys was in high school, some two to three years ago, a young boy who was an orphan came up to him while he was in boarding school and asked for help. Our boy used his own pocket money to help the little boy with school fees and bought a uniform and exercise books for him. Living in the Mercy Touch home has made our children compassionate and willing to give back.

Favourite Things About Being a Mother

My favorite part about being a housemother is having a good relationship with the children,by becoming friends while at the same time being their mother. I enjoy being therefor them, especially in difficult situations. I love seeing the children come into the home when they are little and seeing them grow and mature into young men and women. I also love watching them make it academically, by seeing them go to college, university, or even start working. Our eldest boy has grown into a responsible adult. This gives me so much joy.

Connection with the Children

The relationship I have with the children is like they are my own. I correct them when they are wrong, praise them when they have done well, and encourage them when they feel discouraged. Sometimes there may be misunderstandings, but that’s normal in any home.

Areas of Prayer and Improvement

When children are young it is easy to pray together. When they grow up sometimesthey don’t want to pray together as a family. They only want to pray togetherwhen they are facing challenges.

There is also need for a spiritual father in the homes to help with the spiritual growth and mentorship of the children. We need a man of God that can be checking on themat least every month. The children should also be going for church camp meetings to help support their spiritual growth.

Heart for Mercy Touch

For me,being a mother in Mercy Touch is a calling. You can’t do this work if you don’t have the heart; it’s not something easy—it takes God’s grace.


Mercy Touch has been good to the community. It also helped build a house in Chiwala (a rural community) for orphaned children, helps sick people, evangelizes, and helps children that can’t afford to pay for school fees.

Indeed we are a blessing to the nation of Zambia. We thank God for our partners, our ambassadors, and everyone that is or has been involved with Mercy Touch.

Mercy Touch wouldn’t be where it is today without us working together to do good.

May the almighty God richly bless everyone.


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