My Life Before Mercy Touch

Posted Apr 30, 2014

Life Before 1

Editor's Note: When supporting and working with so many children it is sometimes easy to forget that each individual child has a unique story. Here is the story of one of our older boys who was taken in with his younger brother by Mercy Touch in 2007. Here he tells the story of his life before and after Mercy Touch. - “Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.”

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Before l start my story l would like to appreciate everyone who has been there for me up to now. Thank you very much and may God richly bless you all.

I was born in a family of three children. Both of my parents are still alive. I am the second born in my family. Our first born brother passed away because he used to drink a lot. His drinking habits made my mother so depressed. She also felt like giving up her marriage, but instead she also took to drinking as a way to comfort herself. By then none of us went to school. My father promised to take us to school but because of his drinking and smoking habits he was unable to do so.

Suddenly things in my house started going from bad to worse as my father would sometimes beat and insult my mother. My mother would also do the same when she was drunk. She would insult my father and they fought continuously. It finally came to a point where my mother couldn’t take it anymore. She decided to walk away from the marriage. She left the house, leaving me and my brother all by ourselves. My father did the same.

After several months of being away, my father came back home with an intention of selling the house. We begged him to change his mind. That’s when he put the house on rent instead, leaving us with nowhere to go. He told my brother and I that we had 2 weeks to find a place to stay. It was then decided that we would go and stay with our grandmother. Our grandmother was very old and could not provide for us. I was just a young boy but I was the one who would look for food for us to eat.

One night our grandmother got very ill and kept crying that she could not sleep. Early in the morning I went to find my relatives who later came and took her to the hospital where she died the following day. My grandmother’s house was taken away by the owner. Life got worse.

My younger brother and I resorted to life on the streets. We were working for people by carrying their items, begging for money, and other odd jobs that we could find. We would normally sleep in the small makeshift stalls because it was safer there. We got used to the street life and eventually forgot any other way of life.

One day, my young brother was caught stealing fish in a fish market at night. He was locked up in the police cells, and the owner of the fish stand kept demanding for money from my aunt who I went to get to help from to bail him out. It just so happened that one day while we were passing around in the market I saw a group of people gathered around. I call this a Miracle Day because it changed my whole life. I decided to go closer to see what was going on. When I was near, a certain woman looked at me and asked me what my name was. I told her and then she asked me where I stay. I just kept pointing to a random direction. She further asked about the whereabouts of my parents and I only told her about my aunty. She further asked if I was interested in going to school. She advised me to go to social welfare with my aunty and young brother the following day, which we did. This is when we were referred to Mercy Touch. I was 11 and my brother was 9 when we joined Mercy Touch. Up to now I still do not understand how I was chosen from a group of other vulnerable children. I always say that God has a great plan for our lives because I really feel it was a miracle for my brother and I.

Life Before 2

My Life With Mercy Touch 

Since l joined Mercy Touch, my life has really changed. l never knew how to pray, how to speak english, or even how to write. l have learned all of these things and more while being with Mercy Touch. Mercy Touch has also helped me learn how to help other people. I have another family, people who really care for me.  

l have a home and l go to school. I will soon be writing my grade nine exams in November. I always work hard in school to achieve better results. I believe in my God. He will always be on my side and keep Mercy Touch going higher and higher. That’s my dream.

Thank you all for reading this and l hope you will be touched.

God bless you all.

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